"You asked for the long version!"


I am Tellos (tey-LOSH or simply Tello if you wish), son of Estlard, former captain of the Cerulean Guard. One day, when I was but a child, my father did or saw something that forced him to attempt to flee the Blue district. He arrived home with just enough time to warn my mother and I to flee. Holding off the rest of the guard as she escaped with me, he was slaughtered in order to keep whatever dark secret he had learned out of the light.

My mother reached as far as a monastery in an old library on the border of the blue the yellow districts. She left me there in the care of a monk known as Oro Sagee before suffering the same fate as my father.

Oro Sagee was a generous monk who often made trips to the red district to offer aid to those in need and teach the ways of the ki to those who would listen. Because he and his brothers feared the guard would return for me, they kept me in the subterranean belly of the library which contained many books on the Great Old Ones. Fueled by the anger that was building in me from not knowing my family, I read voraciously about everything I could. Plotting my revenge on the guard that took my family, I sought any knowledge that would aid my quest.

One day, fed up with the sequestered nature of my existence, I left the confines of the monastery. Skulking in the shadows, searching for some bastion of truth and wisdom It was that day I met Katya.

She had kind eyes and a beautiful violet scarf that wrapped around her head, showing only those eyes to the world. We made eye contact as I peered around the corner, checking for guardsmen or other unfriendly villagers. She led me to her father’s store. We snuck in the back room and she showed me around the shop. It was filled with treasures won and trinkets lost.

From then on we met every other day, her kind heart calmed the rage in me and focused my energies into my crusade against the guard. She too had a taste for rebellion.
All too soon she, like my family, would be taken from me. One day her father caught us as we studied in the back room of his shop. He grew furious and, to my shame, fearful. I had never seen a human move so fast as he did to separate my dear Katya and I. As he wrested her from her position at my side her beautiful violet scarf fell to the ground and I could see, for the first time, the scars it hid on her face. Scars of lightning breath, scars only created by my kind.

As I ran from the store I bent down to pick up her scarf, which as you can see I wear to this day, and as I did a crystalline staff caught my eye, it’s color glowing bright with the same warm purple hue.

For weeks after I retreated into my sorrows and books until one day I found a tome, bound with a ribbon the exact color of the scarf and crystal. It was the book of Q’yth-az, the crystalloid intellect who has promised to aid me in my quest for knowledge, and who I believe holds the key in my quest to reveal the guard and the Vile Vi for what they are.


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