(Arms crossed. Furrowed brow.)


Halifax (AKA Hallie) is a Half-Elf. Half Elf (on his father’s side – LEEK) and Half Human (on his mother’s side – MYRA)

He was born during the GREAT WAR between the Elves and the humans.
At the behest of his father, Hallie’s mother escaped to Krater with Hallie and his twin sister Bellatrix with the plan of meeting them there. Along their journey to Krater, Hallie’s mother took up with a band of Rogues who were all attempting to escape to Krater. She befriended a witch named Giroux.

On the night of the party’s arrival the “protection field” over the city was erected as the “storms” began. In the chaos of the “storm” and protection field going up, Halifax was separated from his mother and sister. He’d never get to see them again. Giroux told him that they didn’t make it into the city before the “field” was erected and they died on the outside. Halifax had no reason to believe anything but what his adoptive mother told him. Giroux also told Halifax that his father never made it to Krater, and likely died in the Great War.

All of his life, Halifax has dreamed of his mother. Never his father. Until his 100th birthday.

Hallie is deaf in his right ear. As far as he’s aware, he has been his whole life. He has a gift, when he is in physical contact with someone, or close to someone who doesn’t guard their thoughts, he can hear their thoughts in his right ear. He also hears his father’s voice in that ear when he dreams. Giroux has since died, but Hallie is convinced his father is not only alive, but also within the city limits of Krater.

Hallie still resides in the Red District, as it allows him to go “outside” the walls to continue his unending search for his father. A gifted hunter with a bow and arrow, his speed and dexterity allows him the time to search through the forbidden forest during hunts. Often in a dreamlike state to shield him from the horrors of the outer wall as well as keeping his right ear open to hear his father if he ever speaks. He doesn’t.

However, trips to The Forest that last much longer than a normal hunt’s time, can drain Hallie. Because of this, he rarely goes into the Forest other than to hunt these days.
He also has a Hawk companion named Fallon. Fallon seldom goes into the forest with Hallie, as Fallon becomes extremely aggressive outside the city walls. So much so that Hallie almost can’t control him. Inside the City walls however, Fallon is a diehard companion who is Hallie’s eyes above the city. Fallon also is extremely protective of Hallie. Because of this protective nature, Hallie often puts a hood on Fallon when Gogurtt is around. Just to be on the safe side.

Hallie is driven by his mission to find his father, and cares for little else in Krater.
Somewhere along his journey he’s met an elf named Gogurtt. Completely out of character for himself, he enjoys spending time with Gogurtt. He can’t explain it, but Gogurtt’s antics often make him laugh. Little else ever has.

Hallie also has a deal with a resident of the Blue District (Eriel). Hallie’s relationship with the member of Blue, allows him permission to travel from the Red District to the Blue district with little obstacle. Though he loathes what he perceives as a classist attitude throughout much of Blue, he’s able to continue his search for his father.


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